The Courageous Quest For Her Eternal Heart

The Angels

The angels in my play post have a very important role. Bold Eye the Archangel is the first angel that I introduce to you, the reader. He is the main narrator and tell so much of what happens in heaven, on the Earth, and our heroes of the heart battles with Dark Soul. It also is him that is blessed to perform the wedding between Queen Splendina and A Man.

But in this tale, Bold Eye is not the only angel. There are the Seven Supreme Seraphims, which are at the very foot of the throne of God giving him glory and praise. But they have other duties too and four of them are called into battle against the dark forces of Hell. They also lead legions of warrior angels into the fray. I invented these angels so to make the fighting more intense and universal. 

The Angels of the Furious Swords, The 12 War Blade Legions, Angels of the Infinite Arrow, Angels of the Invincible Spear, The Dreadnaught Warriors, Angels of the Sacred Star Swords, the Starlight Strikers and The Angels of the Celestial Light Swords are featured much in the war against Hell.

The following are some of what the angels roles are in my play post. Bold Eye first introduces himself.

"Greetings humans of this realm
Before you all I come with a magnificent story
Of faith, hope, and the greatest of all, loves
Bold Eye The Archangel I am called
For I act with boldness wherever my eyes gaze
Sent to do the bidding of my Lord and his faithful and true son
Named from the inspired imagination of this author
Created I was to guide you through this mythical tale . . ."

Bold Eye introduces us to his brothers, the Cherubium. And reveals Dark Soul as the hater of love he truly represents.

BOLDEYE: "A “hater” in every sense of the word has made his presence known, and has saddened the queen much. But what do our knights have to say about Dark Soul  . . ." 

"Also, I am now joined by my faithful and true angelic brothers, the Ark of the Covenant cherubim’s Gold Wing and True Flyer, as well as Faith Speak . . ." 

Through the battle of words with Dark Soul, Bold Eye narrates.

"WHATS THIS? Dark Soul has let loose his “dragon”. A speech that burns with the fire of hate and venom of a madman. He has made reckless and insane accusations not only our knights, but the Eternal King and the lovely queen Splendina. How dare he . . ."

And he brings more of his angelic brothers mentioned earlier, into the play post.

"Also, my faithful brother Faith Speak has returned and with him are the legions of angels known as The Dreadnaught Warriors. Steadfast and fearless, they have no fear and have fought many a battle against their former brothers, and now apostates who left heaven forever. Their fearlessness is legendary in the realm above the stars. They are led by the Seven Supreme Seraphim, who . . ."

After Dark Soul swears to kill the knights, Bold Eye tells us what is happening with his brother angels.

BOLDEYE THE ARCHANGEL: "I am in the middle of a great crowd of my fellow angels, and all of them are talking with great excitement about what is happening. The Lord Christ has sent two of the Seven Supreme Seraphim to guard the knights from Dark Soul's murderous intent. A third Supreme Seraphim . . .

Bold Eye even feels remorse when he sees his former brother, now sworn enemy align with Dark Soul.

"I also see my former friend Bletarz, who permanently left heaven and is now allied with Dark Soul and his cruel master. They now number into the tens of thousands and their sinister purpose is the same as their leader. I look at Bletarz now and I am saddened. Thinking back when we were together, serving under our kings. That day of fun we had racing each other through the Kmatulaan Galaxy. 

Bold Eye tells us how the battle of Brave Love shapes up on both sides.

BOLDEYE: "I now see my former brothers, now sworn enemies merge into the demonic horde army. From the darkest parts of Hell they come from. The Bratoxzumas Void, The Latarzus Depths, The Dythartus Pit, The Necronomus Abysmal come some of the most evil and wicked of Dark Soul's army. And from the northern, eastern, and southern regions of the Earth comes its TRUE rulers.
Suddenly I hear a familiar sound that I have heard countless times before through the centuries. The sound of thousands of my brothers leaving heaven. In an instant I see Fierce Blade and Courage Strike join the four Supreme Seraphim and all the angels with them. Flying behind them are the Angels of the Furious Swords . . ." 

As the battle starts, Bold Eye reports what he sees.

"Across the huge battlefield of the great plain of Megiddo, (Revelations 16:16) I can see those grudges of old play out once again. My brother Archangels Fierce Blade, Courage Strike and the 12 War Blade legions under their command, which includes The Angels of the Invincible Spear and half of The Angels of the Infinite Arrow . . ."

And as the battle rages on, he still tells what he observes.

"The Supreme Seraphim Great Arm, leader of the Star Sword Angels was still locked in a deadly uneven match against Molech and Chemosh, the rulers of the Northern and Southern regions of the earth. They had sought him out specifically on the battlefield, before this skirmish began. Their sick reasoning for doing this was . . ."

"Looking down upon the battlefield again, I see the fourth Supreme Seraphim Thunder Hand entwined in a lethal scuffle with Wazlarx, the leader of the Dytharus Pit hordes. Thunder Hand's weapon of choice  . . ."

"Gazing down at this white-hot intense warfare, I see faithful angels, God-empowered knights, and a Christ backed battle queen waging righteous universal war against sinister demons from Hell and their corrupt allies of the Earth. With arrows flying . . ."

When the armies of heaven finally start to defeat Dark Soul's demonic hordes, Bold Eye still narrates.

"The two Supreme Seraphim now divided their two armies and sent them to finish the other conflicts that still remained. Great Arm and The Angels of the Star Swords went to help the Archangels Fierce Blade, Courage Strike, the Angels of the Furious Swords and the 12 War Blade Legions do battle against Clydrok . . ."

And after the battle is over, Bold Eye is blessed by God to be told to go and perform the marriage again between Queen Splendina and A Man.

"I feel the spirit of The Lord in my ear. It says: "GO and show yourself to them. You are to perform a special ceremony of marriage in my name.
 "Having heard those instructions, I, Bold Eye the Archangel of the Cherubium, now leave the splendor of heaven and swiftly fly down to where A Man and Queen Splendina are standing . . ."

As you can see, the angels have a very important role in my play post. But it is the narration from Bold Eye that keeps the story flowing in order.