The Courageous Quest For Her Eternal Heart

About Sir Romance A Lot

Sir Romance A Lot is obviously a play on King Arthur's Sir Lance A Lot. This character is the romantic one of Queen Splendina's knights. He truly loves his lady and longs to romance her in any way possible. He knows that the heart of his queen needs not only love, but the little things that romance brings.  

Here is some of what his part is in my book. (Play Post) Like the rest of his brother knights, he introduces himself.

Sir Romance A Lot introduces himself.

"My Fairy queen,

No fairy you be
A beautiful queen you are to me
Stunning and lovely for ALL the universes to see

May I introduce myself to this plot
It’s I your humble and honourable Sir Romance A Lot
And I love you with ALL I got

My love for you comes from deep, deep within
Placed there inside by the one without sin
The Lord above who has always been

Royal lady, with skin so fair
With eyes of forever that have always been there (4)
An ever loving heart, that is full of care

I too, feel I have loved you before the start of time
An endless longing in this heart of mine
Now today, all is fine . . ."

Along with his leader Bold Knight, he too takes on Dark Soul in the war of words

"Life is work and love is rest
It is my life's work to love my divine queen
As time has passed, I've passed test after test

But you, oh mean one Dark Soul
Because your love has grown dark
Of your foolishness I want no part

What turned your heart from the sun at noon
To the time of day that reveals the moon?

I wonder about your past fate
What caused your change, from love to hate?"

And when it's time to fight Dark Soul and his demonic hordes, our hero is right there in the mix with his queen and brother knights.


"Add one more to go against this jackass Dark Soul
Who not only resembles a rat, but also a mole

Side-by-side, battling together
We will uphold our king's sovereignty forever . . ."

In the heat of the battle against Hell, We have a look at Sir Romance A Lot's opponent:

"About five yards away from Prince Passion, Sir Romance A Lot's opponent was Psytarso, a very foul demon that help to start and later carry out the Nanjing and Rwanda Massacres."