The Courageous Quest For Her Eternal Heart

About Bold Knight:

The leader of our heroes is Bold Knight. He is the "younger brother" of Brave Duke. Bold Knight is the main protector of Queen Splendina's heart and he leaps to her aid when Dark Soul attacks her with his vile words of deceit. It is he who takes the most abuse from Dark Soul when he unleashes his "dragon." This is a series of verses that is filled with venom and hate of all things good, especially love.  The following is a one-on-one war of words which comes from part two of my play post. Here is the start of that word battle.



“Dark Soul, you have unleashed your dragon of venom and hate
To do battle with you, I can't wait

My body and my mind are both ready and poised
And like Prince Passion, I too will make you annoyed

But my hope my words will more than annoy
To totally enrage you, is my ploy

Dark Soul . . no . . . Mouse Heart is what you should really be called
Your twisted, thoughtless thinking is absolutely flawed

You scoff and mock our queen and the eternal king too
But it was him that first gave life to you

Ungrateful and inconsiderate you really are
You are now our greatest threat, by far . . ."

Never backing down from Dark Soul's abuse, the brave knight gives some of it right back to him.

"OOPS! Sorry. I mistakenly called you a man
You're like something that crawls across the land

Ant, roach, or any other bug
You and your hate Dark Soul are slimy, like a slug

The lowest you are in the insect kingdom
The dirt of the Earth is where you also are from

Your deceptive words are like the thing whose tail is a rattle
Now your slippery words have slid you into one great battle

Dark Soul, you should know that we will never back down
So I hope you're ready for a hard fight, you twisted clown

A twisted clown, because you think it’s fun
To make cloudy a heart that love's bright, like the sun . . ."

Even Queen Splendina commends Bold Knight for his bravery in standing up to Dark Soul.

"My outspoken warrior leader, Bold Knight
Who withstood Dark Soul's "dragon"
You took the most of his abuse
Then dished out some of your own in kind

He mocked, ranted, threatened so much
Yet your courage was unwavering
Never once did you back down
Even when his so-called "dragon" taunted you personally
You remained loyal to our king and his son . . ."

But it is the Prayer of Bold Knight which he says after Dark Soul has sworn to kill all the knights, that is humble yet impressive. Because it is a prayer of extreme help under dire circumstances, I will put this first prayer IN IT'S ENTIRETY on this site.

"Gather around me now, my brothers and let us speak our last words to El- Elyon. (The Most High)


Sovereign Lord of all the universes, Yahweh God, It is I, your loyal servant  Bold Knight with my valiant brothers Brave Duke, Sir Romance A Lot, Richard The Deep Hearted, and Prince Passion. Before your magnificent throne we stand today to first praise your glory and to exalt your greatness. You are more than worthy of the highest honor all of creation can give you. It is by your great hands, working with your fathomless and boundless mind that all things exist.

Celestial Father, we also humbly come before you to plea for courage beyond what is normal. The same courage you gave our Lord and your determined son Christ, to uphold your splendor against the vile and cruel accusations and lies of this evil Dark Soul and his wicked master, the devil himself, when he was on the cross dying. Today, he has sworn to destroy us and to once again attack the heart of our precious queen. It is his treacherous plan to spread the darkness in his soul to the hearts of every woman that will ever live.

El Shaddai (God Almighty), we pray for your wisdom and power to help us stop this wicked plan of his. And should this noble quest cost our lives, we pray that you send others to continue this fight with the same valor your great hand blessed us with.

With the utmost of respect and humility, I present this prayer to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. For no one comes to you except through him. May he find favor with this lowly prayer from his sincere servants. In the name of Jesus Christ we pray.


And of course, like a true knight, he fights FOR his queen.

"Bold Knight's first opponent in this saga is the number three demon in charge from the southern region of the Earth, Slaytarq. A master swordsman, Bold Knight has fought many a foe winning most and losing some. But never have he and his brothers fought against adversaries as powerful as demons. Slaytarq is not known in the spirit realms as being a fighter, but rather a disrupter and a troublemaker. It was he and over 900,000 of his evil brothers that have caused much misery, pain, and suffering in South America alone.

As they met in battle, Bold Knight took the offensive first by swinging his sword in an overhead strike. But Slaytarq easily blocked the blow. That is exactly what Bold Knight wanted him to do . . . "

And as the battle for Brave Love rages on, he fights WITH Queen Splendina.

"Queen Splendina was closing in very fast on Dark Soul's right side. With her uncanny, yet deadly dual bladed weapon, she too twirled it over her head and then let loose a blow aimed squarely at the demon's head. Dark Soul deflected her blow and threw a quick blow or two of his own to back her up some. By this time, Bold Knight was once again on the offensive against the demon. It was now a two on one battle, as Queen Splendina and the gallant Bold Knight were locked in a celestial grudge match of infinite proportions against their demonic adversary of the ages.

Back and forth the three combatants went. Once again attacking then defending. Defending, and then attacking. Queen Splendina and her divine double bladed spear, and Bold Knight's sword of Truth and Light, battling the vilest Dark Soul and his twisted sword of Darkness and Hate.

Dark Soul knew he could not keep the two God-inspired antagonists at bay much longer. He could barely repel Queen Splendina's devastating assault against him and to now have not only her, but her knight leader to contend with too was more than enough he could handle right now."

Later after the battle is over, it is Bold Knight which all the knights merge back into, and become A Man.

"ACTION: Bold Knight changes into an ordinary man. I will let you the reader's imaginations decide what a man should be and look like.

A MAN: A man that now combines his title of Bold Knight and Brave Duke together inside himself.
And what they stand for: bravery, courage, boldness to love an extraordinary woman as you.


Brave at heart and courageous in soul your love has made me
A shining example for all to see . . ."

The fearless Bold Knight is to be praised for his brave stance for the glory of God and the love for his queen.