The Courageous Quest For Her Eternal Heart

The Story Behind the Story (Play Post)

On this page I shall tell of things about and behind this unusual, yet amazing play post. And future updates as they come.

The idea for this story (it was a story then) came to me in the summer of 2014. But I did not start writing it until March of 2015. I first thought of a princess who has some "knights" who swore to love and protect her. The princess character was to be a continuation of the Century Princess theme that the musician Jonn Serrie cds "Ixlandia" and "Midsummer Century" have in common. If you have read my first book "Love, Sex, and Romance: Beautiful Love Poems for the Heart," you will know that I took Mr. Serrie's concept of time and love that the Century Princess represents, and ran with it. In the LSR book, I wrote 5 poems titled "The Unfolding Of the Two", "The Mystery Of Destiny", "The Other", "From the Other Side Of Time", and lastly, "The Eternal Expanse."  My thinking was that this story would be an extended version of Jonn Serrie's music and the poems I wrote in my LSR book. 

I then thought of her "knights" and what their purpose would be. How would they protect her heart. The answer to that question would be to have a villain that would come in and try to steal her joy. The first name I thought for this evil character  was "Dark Heart." When I started writing this story, I used the name Dark Heart as the villain. I also came up with the name Knight Valiant and Sir Love a Lot for the knights. A Google search told me that the name Dark Heart was a villain in the 90's Care Bears movie, (which I never seen but heard of) so I had to change that name. I came up with Dark Soul instead. I also had to change the names of Knight Valiant and Sir Love a Lot, for these were taken and trademarked too. (Knight Valiant is a villain in a British tv series. Sir Love A Lot is a stuffed bear that is made in the USA) Bold Knight and Sir Romance A Lot is what they were changed to.

After thinking of how King Arthur was married to Guinevere and made her his queen, I decided to change the Century Princess to a queen. If I remember correctly in most stories about knights, they are loyal to a king or queen or both. I thought of the names Queen Adora, Queen Splendora, Queen Stardina, and Queen Stardora. But the name Splendina came to me and I chose it. I also chose it for trademark reasons. (In Google searching, I found where Splendina is not only a cosmetic company based in India and South Asia, but it is also a sub species and latin name for a type of orchid flower. Because of this fact, the cosmetic company Splendina cannot sue me for trademark infringement.)

The original story plan was to have the then princess be so happy that her knights love her and protect her heart. Then the villain come in and steals her joy. The knights leap to her defense and a series of verbal exchanges between the knights and the villain take place. In the end, the princess is made happy because of her knights dedication to her and the villain goes away. For now.

This original plan got changed one day in June of 2016, at the Miami International Airport. While waiting for a flight to Brazil, I was writing this story in the airport and the idea for a fantastic battle between the knights and Dark Soul just came into my mind. Other parts of this great battle soon came up. So I prayed to God about this big change in the story. I also asked him to have the now queen be changed from being non active to a warrior. The Holy Spirit told me as long as I maintain the sovereignty of God and do not have the battle queen go against God or Christ in any way, that this change would be acceptable.

I have never written a battle scene or anything close to it. I am a poet and my first book is a series of poems. Not a short or long story. So for me to write out a grand battle in which universal war breaks out between heaven and hell was a big challenge. Again, I prayed to God for MORE of his wisdom in the writing of the battle. I think . . . I think I did ok?

After the battle is over, I knew I would have all the knights "return" back into A Man. And then for A Man and Queen Splendina be married once again. While writing this part of the play post, the idea for the SOS (Sign Of Sovereignty) came into my mind. (You will have to read the book to find out what the SOS is!)

There is much more to this play post, but these are the basics behind this little tale of mine. Again, I encourage you to read the book and find out more. I also have encouraged the reader to have a copy of their bible and a copy of my first book with them. There are things in my play post that are spiritual in nature and I also tie in my first book to this second book too. I feel you will better understand what my second book is telling you if you have your bible and my first book while reading The Knights Of Brave Love.