The Courageous Quest For Her Eternal Heart

About Queen Splendina

The only woman in my play post is Queen Splendina. But she is the center of the entire story and without her, there would be no tale to tell. As I explained the "Other Thoughts" section of this site, Splendina is the name I chose after coming up with several others. She represents time and love, the deep love that women have inside their hearts, and the emotion of love itself. 

I wanted her to start the play post as being so much in love and how it makes her feel so happy. Here are some actual word of hers as she introduces herself to us in the play post:

“Eons ago before the keeping of time began
I was created by an extraordinary man

King Eternal, the king of the universe
Also known as God, the last and the first

From the unsearchable depths of his thoughts
I was conceived and bought forth

I represent the deepness of time and love
Both names are immortal, like the One above . . ."

After introducing her and her knights, Dark Soul enters the story and proceeds to steal her joy. She is made sad by his cruel words.

“Woe, woe, woe
It is sadness that I now know

I admit that Dark Soul you are right
For I have witnessed what you say, in my sights

I too have seen much heartbreak
And how one life did another take . . ."

Her knights get into a war of words with Dark Soul. Throughout this spat with the knights, Dark Soul demeans her and calls her names.

 I will use all my dark power
Every day, every hour
Till' your “lemon” queen is made sour 

By using sarcasm, ridicule, and spite
Taunting, scorn, and the like
Her heart will know fright

I will put in her such a scare
That she will never, ever dare
To lay her heart open so bare

I have MANY sinister powers I will use
To make her soul sing the blues
And make love “yesterday's news . . .”

For a while he succeeds. But due to the courage of her knights, they stand up to Dark Soul and help to turn her heart from sadness to happiness once again.

"I have been blessed throughout time
With the love of and from The Creator
And with the love of and from my knights

My heart once again sings the praises of love
Feels its joy and its beauty
My spirit glides upon its wings
Soars so free above the clouds

I can answer your repulsive sarcasm Dark Soul
Your hateful and hideous taunting’s
In full faith, I now can tell you
That I stand in complete unison with my knights
Impressed so much I am of their true, raw courage

I am so proud of their fierce loyalty to our king
And to my heart

Dark Soul . . . no, Ant Soul, you can go back to your evil master
And tell him you have failed
Both you and he are total losers
You both have been for ages
And soon will be forever . . ."

But wait! Later in the play post, Queen Splendina is transformed by Christ from a "lover of love" into a battle ready, warrior queen.

"But dressed as a queen she is not. She is now clothed in full battle gear like her servants the knights. On top of her head is a gold helmet with spikes on each side of her head, and one on the front . . .

On the front of her chest was written an inscription in the language of heaven, translated to human understanding means "She who fights for God's glory.” Her body was covered with a golden suit of light armor that shines like the light from the throne of the true God. On the left side of her waist were three golden throwing knives each in their own sheath. The right side of her waist held three knives as well. . .

"In her hands was a weapon like no other on the entire battlefield. It was a long golden pole with sharp blades on each end. I instantly recognized the blades as being made from the glowing majesty of God's throne. . ."

It is Queen Splendina who leads angels and knights in the battle against Dark Soul and the forces of Hell.

"With lightning speed, Queen Splendina stood half-way up and twirls her weapon a little more than waist high, aiming for Dark Soul's midsection. Dark Soul was caught totally off guard by this move and he realized this too late, as her blade sliced across his chest. A yellowish-green liquid started to form where her blade cut him. "(Yes, humans, we spirit creatures do bleed and feel pain, believe it or not.)

The Battle for Brave Love was on.

Later on in this intense, hard fought universal war, Splendina and Dark Soul are locked in deadly combat against each other.

"The instant Dark Soul's feet hit the ground, he was under another all-out attack for Splendina was on him again with even more fury. Back and forth they went swinging angry blows, then playing defense and blocking. They spar and parry, death strike after death strike the two eternal adversaries heaved at each other. Attacking, and then defending. Offense, then defense. Neither one giving an inch. Dark Soul's motivation is his hatred for all that is good and his enmity for heaven. Queen Splendina fights for love, its creator, and the deepness of love that every woman has in her heart."

 After the war is over (for now), Splendina is married to A Man once again.

"I gaze down from heaven and see A Man and his once-again bride queen slowly walk off with arms around each other's waist, content in heart, soul, and spirit.

Once again, loud applause breaks out in heaven as I see millions upon millions of my angelic brothers applauding and cheering as they look down upon the happy couple. For reasons unknown to me, the heavens open up once more to reveal to A Man and his wife, all the many angels who are congratulating them. . ."

As you can see, Splendina IS the story. Her love is the key to everything. She is both passive and aggressive when it comes to the emotion of love.