The Courageous Quest For Her Eternal Heart

God And Christ

It is my sincere desire to honor God and his son, the Faithful and True Christ with this play post of mine. Throughout the entire story, I did my best to make sure that I honored them. Each of the GOOD characters in this play post always made sure that they first upheld the sovereignty and glory of both God and Christ.

Another thing I touched on in my play post is their divinity. In the front section, I have a special note in which I discuss how there are different religions that think differently about the divinity of God and Christ. Some think that Christ is God and he was God in the flesh when he was on Earth. Others think God and Christ are two different spiritual beings and God the father is higher than Christ the son.

In my play post, I chose the second way of thinking. That God the father is greater than Christ the son and that they are two separate spiritual beings. This too, is in the special note section and throughout the book. What your particular religious beliefs are may not go along with my point of view. I just encourage you the reader to keep an open mind and heart. Is is possible we can agree to diagree?

On some subjects, I use repetition to drive the point home. The upholding of the sovereignty of God and Christ by all the knights and Queen Splendina is one thing I use repetition on. A second is the soon-to-be-held judgment at Revelations 19, starting at verse 11. These are the scriptures which Christ returns to Earth, to execute the righteous judgment of God. And the armies of the heavens follow him into the battle of Armageddon. As world events spin more and more out of control, the prophetic end time signs that Jesus warned about in Matthew Chapter 24 have come and still are coming true by the day.