The Courageous Quest For Her Eternal Heart

About Richard The Deep Hearted

Our next hero is Richard The Deep Hearted. He represents the deep, timeless love it takes to truly love a woman wholeheartedly. His love for Queen Splendina has no limits. The following is his part in this saga:

"My everlasting queen, my lady, my best friend
It is I, Richard the Deep Hearted
And it is so very good to be with you again

I am in love with you so much and so deep
From sunrise to sunset and beyond the midnight
And even when we sleep (2)

Throughout all the ages and eons of time
I have always deeply loved you
To your heart I have always been kind

I have always answered your heart's deepest calling
Unfailing, without question
In love with you I am forever falling . . ."

Richard also goes against Dark Soul in the war of words.


"My brother is full of truth
Dark Soul, your name means your heart and soul is dark
And that is where I will start

Dark Soul, you have chosen
A heart the color of night
This tells me nothing inside you loves the light

We swore to love and protect our queen
To exalt love's beauty in her sight
Now you bring her jest and fright

I have heard the idiocy of this knave
And I wonder . . ."

When it's time to go to war, Richard is all in as well.


"There is love and then there's war
Sometimes you have to go to war for love . . ."

In the heart of the battle against Hell, Richard The Deep Hearted is in the thick of the fight too.

"Not to be left out, Richard the Deep Hearted was trading blows with Jeerzius, the number four demon that left heaven. This adversary is no stranger to humanity, especially all who live and have lived in the countries of the USA, Mexico, and Canada . . ."

Whether it's love or war, Richard The Deep Hearted gives his all for heaven and for love. A good example to follow.