The Courageous Quest For Her Eternal Heart

About Prince Passion

Tha last of our "knights" is Prince Passion. He is the lover of our dear lady and represents the physical part of love and romance. His first duty is to make love to her mind, then her body. The poem I wrote in my book "Love, Sex, and Romance" titled "Making Love To Her" is an example of loving the mind first, then the body.

Though he represents the lover of Queen Splendina, he also is a fighter too. He makes these facts know in his part of my play post.

"Ahhh, my sexy lady,

It is I, Prince Passion your forever lover
The one who loves, craves, and desires you
It's your sensual secrets I long to discover

I have loved you since woman first met man
Truly and deeply, with all that I can

Now my love for you has turned to desire
Only by us making passionate love will quench this fire

I find you so alluring and sensual
In certain parts of me, you always make the blood flow

In his book titled “Love, Sex, and Romance”
The Human Ed wrote the poem “The Body Remembers”
His sultry poem raises my excitement for a chance

The chance to . . ."

Prince Passion is the first to upset Dark Soul in the war of words.

"Run back to the dark hole you crawled out of
And don't come out until your heart knows love

You are nothing more than a madman and a bully
That I and my brother knights will deal with fully

The love for our king and our queen is firm
We will not crawl away from you, like a worm

Instead we will battle you with the strength of a lion
It's YOU who will turn and run, with eyes crying

So Dark Soul, what will you now do
You now know for sure we WILL fight you."


"Prince Passion, you utter lies and empty promises
Who are you to challenge me?
Who are ANY of you so-called knights to question me?

Irritated I am at your words, Prince Passion
But my feelings spread to all you delusional knights . . ."

Later in the word war with Dark Soul.


"In total agreement I am with my beloved, sensuous queen
Who radiates and attracts dreamy desire
And my audacious brother knights

We have taken so much abuse from this fiendish coward
His heart and mind are the same color as his name
He wants to infect all true lovers and all like them
By spreading his cruel thoughts to all of humanity

Contempt and ridicule reign supreme in HIS batty brain
Bat headed Dark Soul with a bat brain? Hmmm . . ."


"I am in total agreement with what my brothers just spoke. Dark Soul, you are a crazed, mad dog that has to be stopped at all costs. Your hate for heaven and our beloved queen has spread also to humankind as a whole. Such hate is a vessel that poisons whatever holds it and accepts it as truth. . ." 

When the fighting breaks out, our hero has changed from a lover to a fighter.

"Prince Passion and the ice demon Thorn, who is second in command of the Northern regions of the Earth, are going at each other with great fury. Having the power from the Lord God equal to that of we spirit creatures, Prince Passion holds nothing back in his attack. . .

Our hero loves his queen for the person she is first. Then he makes such sweet love to her. A lesson for all to learn.