The Courageous Quest For Her Eternal Heart


The villain in my play post is named Dark Soul. He represents hate itself and all the negative emotions of love. Pride, jealousy, deception, anger, etc. are just SOME of what he stands for. Dark Soul main role is to make Queen Splendina's heart sad and to have this sadness spread to ALL women. He also has no love for her knights and makes slanderous accusations, taunts, and threats against them. When the Knights engage him in a war of words because his attempt to sadden Queen Splendina, he takes them on full force.

But Dark Soul also hates God, Christ, and all his former brother angels that remained faithful to God after the rebellion in heaven occurred. He is not alone in his emnity for heaven as you will soon see. The following is his part in this little tale of mine.

Dark Soul introduces himself here

"Dark Soul is the name I am known by
And unlike the Archangel Bold Eye
I was NOT sent from that one above
To turn your heart into white doves
More like an uncaring crow is what I bring
To shut up your heart, and make it not sing
I, too have been here for a long time
And I just do not think that love has been kind
I have seen little good, and mostly bad
And I feel like love should never had . . .

Then he reveals his purpose

“What's it to
ANY of you
What I do
You all just need to know
I now hate love so
And it now must go
To love, I am no friend
All my energy and actions I will spend
To put it to an end
I will use all my dark power
Every day, every hour
Till' your “lemon” queen is made sour 
By using sarcasm, ridicule, and spite
Taunting, scorn, and the like
Her heart will know fright
I will put in her such a scare
That she will never, ever dare
To lay her heart open so bare
I have MANY sinister powers I will use
To make her soul sing the blues
And make love “yesterday's news”. . . 

When Queen Splendina's knights come to her aid, Dark Soul spars with them too. Included in his arsenal of hate is a technique he uses to cause dismay and despair called "The Dragon."

"Who are you to challenge me?
Who are ANY of you so-called knights to question me?
Irritated I am at your words, Prince Passion
But my feelings spread to all you delusional knights
Delusional because you dare to oppose me
If you want a fight, hell's fury is what I'll give
An arsenal of weapons I have. A battery of fearful emotions
They have served me very well throughout time, and rarely do they fail
Here is one weapon I named "The Dragon"
My dragon spits the other 3 D's: Despair, Distress, and Doubt
Its venom has poisoned many souls of humanity
Now that includes your batty queen . . . "

"You knights are so dim-witted
Thick-headed, thoughtless
You all "say" you honor your Eternal King first
Who I disdain with everything inside me
Then that hen queen you "claim" to love
Well, I "claim" and "know" you don't
You all have your own self-interests at heart . . ."

Courage is not your friend, but fear and fright are
Even now as I speak, I sense your spirits quiver
I feel your hearts tremble
Still again, I smile in victory . . ."
"All of you knights’ real "claim" is to cowardice
And you are putting on a false front
Pretending to love your King Eternal and your crazy queen
So they will bestow their gifts upon you
For your own selfish interests
Traitors . . . cowards . . . counterfeits
You all seek your own glory and not of those two impostors you serve . . ."

Dark Soul then has to go one-on-one against the knight leader, Bold Knight.

Bold Knight, you have the nerve to call me a roach and a worm
Here is another thing about me you should learn
I too, like you knights am brave and bold
But all this love nonsense is getting very old
Stand down and watch as this “worm”
Let's loose his “dragon” to make you tremble and squirm
My words are now directed only to you
You will feel like an ant when I am through
You AND your brother knights can go straight to hell
That's a place I know all too well
With a name like Bold, means you are supposed to be brave
But not even a pesky fly you could save . . ."

Still more of Dark Soul's verbal battle with Bold Knight

"Bold Knight . . . no, Knight of Fright
You and your brothers can even go fly a kite
All of you and your king as well
Can join me in the deepest darkest corner of Hell
I couldn't care less about your hideous queen
The most frightening heifer I've ever seen
You fools just don't know what a big mess you're in now
By daring to oppose me and save that queen cow . . .


"Bold "Not" Knight I give you back the very same NO!
AGAIN, to jump in a lake, you should go
You will never get my black heart to again turn
The hottest fires of hell is where it forever burns
Besides, I LOVE to see the effects of hate and misery
Has upon the whole of humanity
You humans are "that thing" in heaven special creation
That I like to use to divide you all, nation by nation
Race, color, politics, money, religion
I drop hatred on them all, like a "loose" pigeon
Those are my favorites, but I use many others
To turn mothers against fathers, sisters against brothers . . ."

Dark Soul loses his war of words against the knights. He is not very happy. He also reveals who he really is.

I warned you before I was getting mad
But none of you moron knights chose to listen
I almost succeeded in forever turning your birdbrain queen's heart sad
Her grief was such sweet music to my ears . . ."

"You knights wanted a fight? Well now you have one
Another sun your eyes will never again see
Death's final call will soon be in your ears
And answer it you will with your lives
Then I will again attack your eel queen
Her heart will never again be happy
So too, will all women be broken like her in spirit
Since you all will soon join me in hell
Reveal myself to you I will
I am second in command of the demon hordes
Second only because I left heaven right after my master . . ."

When our heroes refuse to back down and call on help from Heaven, Christ sends them legions of battle angels. Not to be outdone, Dark Soul calls up his dark forces.

"From the Dytharus Pit of Hell, I summon the entire black horde under the command of my very evil brother Wazlarx. I also call to my aid all the demon hordes that control the northern and southern regions of the Earth. And their leaders Molech and Chemosh. Just for even more fun, come join me from the Satazarous foul cave . . ."

"Why should I just stop with only these wicked brothers? I now call forth the Archduke of the Bratoxzumus Void, Necotor and his filthy followers the Chenarax. From the Latarzus depths . . ."

When the battle for Brave Love starts, Dark Soul has his hands full with Queen Splendina. (See "Queen Splendina) But her knights face off against him too and deep into the battle, he comes face-to-face with them.

"By this time too, Bold Knight was once again on the offensive against the demon. It was now a two on one battle, as Queen Splendina and the gallant Bold Knight was locked in a celestial grudge match of infinite proportions against their demonic adversary of the ages.
Back and forth the three combatants went. Once again attacking then defending. Defending, and then attacking. Queen Splendina and her divine double bladed spear, and Bold Knight's sword of Truth and Light, battling the vilest Dark Soul and his twisted sword of hate . . .

"Dark Soul was in very much trouble. Now he was facing Queen Splendina, Bold Knight, and Prince Passion all by himself. The godly energized queen alone was more than enough for him to deal with. Then he had to fight her and Bold Knight. Now as the three combatants raised their weapons . . .

Just when Dark Soul thinks it can't get any worse for himself, it does.

"Dark Soul's luck had now changed from bad to worse to much, much worse. He was now facing Queen Splendina and her five Knights of Brave Love all by himself. Seeing that the tables had turned against him, he knew he had to get help to himself . . .

Finally, Dark Soul realizes he has lost this war.

"When Dark Soul looked up and saw the myriads of angels led by the archangel Michael, he knew this part of his rebellion was over. He knew he could not compete and win anymore. For some odd reason, his defeat at the battle of The Grand Canyon flashed in his mind for a moment . . . "

Dark Soul is another key part of my play post. But I use him to also tell a message about the power of love, and the soon-to-be held judgment upon the whole Earth.