The Courageous Quest For Her Eternal Heart

Love, Sex, and Romance:

This page is a link to the site of my book "Love, Sex, and Romance: Beautiful Love Poems For The Heart." Some of the poems I wrote about in this book are featured in the Knights Of Brave Love.

I have placed on this page a link to the LSR site and the Facebook Page for the LSR book. They are as follows:



But just in case you are curious, here is a very important poem that ties in to the Brave Love story. This is the actual page from my Love, Sex, and Romance book. Pay attention to the lines of this poem that are in bold type.


The poem I wrote titled “The Mystery of Destiny” has a verse in it that reads:
"Ages upon ages ago I knew I loved you 
For you are the princess of my centuries 
You are the queen of my dreams"
So I took that last line and made it into its own love poem.
In the kingdom of my dreams
Where my life plays on my mind's screen 
You are my queen
Thinking of you throughout the day 
And as the light fades away
Now my imagination has full play
In this realm of the night
My heart takes to flight
How this feels, ever so right
Like the tales of knights of old 
Brave at heart with courage so bold 
My love for you is a story that must be told
But loving you is not a fairy tale
It is a feeling that I know so well
And deep in my heart is where it dwells

My nights are filled with thoughts of you 
As well as the day we just loved through 
And I know you feel this too
You are my queen, I am your knight
Like a hero, for your love I will fight

Even when my mind turns off its light
And at the end of your nightly reign 
When I return to daylight's plane 
The love for my queen will forever remain

Special note: Parts of this poem will be very much featured in my second book titled: Knights of Brave Love: The Courageous Quest for Her Eternal Heart. Stay tuned!