The Courageous Quest For Her Eternal Heart

About Brave Duke:

Brave Duke is the "older brother" of Bold Knight. He also represents the boldness and courage that it takes to love a woman wholeheartedly. Brave Duke is not as vocal as his younger brother, but the love for his queen goes just as deep. Have a read at some of what his role is in my play post.

Bold Knight's older brother, Brave Duke introduces himself

"As my young brother just said
He loves you deeply, with heart and head
And so do I

Brave Duke is my title
To me, your love is ever so vital
It is as necessary as breathing fresh air

I may have a title of nobility
Duke I am called, but brave I be
Because bravery is my nature, my character

Sworn I am also to protect your heart
Your soul, your spirit, your mind also takes part
All of me guards all of you

To your defense will always come Bold Knight and I
Never will we leave you and say goodbye
Eternally, we are here for you, my love . . ."

Brave Duke also gets into it with Dark Soul


"A madman you have been earlier titled
And a madman you will always be
For now and through eternity

Your thoughts about love
Are full of contempt and scorn
Not from King Eternal were they born

From your own twisted imagination
Inside your deceitful mind
You say what is not kind

What are the reasons for your rudeness?
Maybe you too have suffered heartbreak
And its pain you could not take . . ."

And when it's time to do battle against Dark Soul and his demonic hordes, Brave Duke refuses to run. He also stays and fights with Queen Splendina and the rest of his brother knights.

BRAVE DUKE: "I am on the same side with heaven and with my brother knights. This fight with you was an impossible dream for you think you are an unbeatable foe and we stand no chance against you. But our king and his faithful and true son have gathered the armies of heaven and sent them to our aid in this great endeavor. What you first thought was going to be so easy to do in your murder of us have suddenly been made much harder for you. . . "