The Courageous Quest For Her Eternal Heart


THIS is a "PLAY POST" (PLAY, POem and STory combined.)

Hello to all you "lovers of love" out there. And thank you for stopping by my site.  This is the official site for the unusual, yet amazing "play post." This is a new term I invented to explain why this book is so very different. I wrote a play, poem, and story all into one.

What is this play post about? I will try to give you a quick summary, if I can.

First, this play post is narrated throughout by an archangel I invented named Bold Eye. Then there is a queen (Queen Splendina) who represents time, love, and the deep love within the heart of a woman. She has 5 knights who swore an oath first to God and Christ, then to serve her heart and make it happy. ( Bold Knight, Brave Duke, Richard the Deep Hearted, Sir Romance A Lot, and Prince Passion)  Then a dark villain of the heart comes along and steals her joy and makes her sad. (Dark Soul)

So her knights come to her defense and a battle of words breaks out between the knights and this knave. The knights succeed in turning back Queen Splendina's heart from eternal sadness to happiness. This makes Dark Soul very mad and he then sets out to kill the knights because they interfered in his twisted plans. He also reveals himself to be the number two demon that left heaven, right after his wicked master, the devil himself.

The knights realize they are in great danger and know they cannot fight the second most powerful demon of Hell by themselves. So they pray to God through Christ for help. Christ hears their prayer and sends four of the Seven Supreme Seraphim's to their aid. (Truth Sword, Brave Fire, Great Arm, and Thunder Hand.) Joining them are the legions of battle angels under their command. (The Dread Naught Warriors,The Starlight Strikers, Angels of the Invincible Spear, Angels of the Infinite Arrow, The 12 War Blade Legions, Angels of the Star Swords, The Angels of the Celestial Light Swords and The Angels of the Furious Swords.) The demon leader then calls up his evil companions from the Earth and from the darkest corners of Hell itself to battle the armies of Heaven. (Wazlarx, Molech, Chemosh, Dratox, Zaltaxus, Necotor and others.)

God and Christ also gives the knights powers equal to their demonic opponents. But they super empower Queen Splendina and change her into a ferocious, one-woman-army with special weapons. Included in her lethal arsenal is a deadly, dual bladed spear which the demons quickly learn to fear. It is Splendina who leads the attack against the forces of darkness, as Heaven and Hell collide in universal war over the sovereignty of God, the love within the heart of a woman and the emotion of love itself.

Of course, there is much more to this magnificent story. I go into events that happened in the bible on earth and in heaven. I tell how a lot of events in human history have been influenced by the unseen TRUE rulers of the earth. But I give warning after warning of Christ's return and the Day of Judgment which will soon occur upon the entire earth.

This play post is part fiction, myth, and truth. At the beginning of the book, I explain to the reader that I wrote this from my understanding of the bible and that it may not agree with what your particular beliefs are. But I urge all to read with an open mind and heart.


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